About Us

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About Us

We believe that all artists are born with an extraordinary sense which allows them to intepret the world around them in a beautiful and mysterious way. As artists ourselves, we weren’t able to overlook the current reality of our fellow artist, who have been deprived in so many ways. This realization gave birth to the idea of this platform, where we want to provide artists with the facilities, resources and support that they need allowing them to peacefully work on their creations.


Nandini Das

After passing her secondary exam, she started painting just to pass time and without any purpose in mind. Went to college for general studies for 2 yrs but her heart and soul was not in it.

During this time, her interest towards Art increased and she started to explore different avenues. This is when she got a chance to study at Rabindra Bharati University and this became the biggest turn point of her entire life. She did her graduation specializing in Graphics and then moved to the other side of the country to the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda to pursue her Master’s in Graphics. This was 24 years back and this where her journey towards being a professional artist started.

After her Master’s she was blessed with the opportunity of getting a scholarship from Vermont Studio Center in the USA. Since then she has participated in multiple workshops, camps and exhibitions, and this how her life as artist continued for several years.

For the last 12 years, she is a founder member of an international artist group called Narrative Movements. During this time, she has seen the struggles that many artists are facing and which she has personally gone through as well. Having overcome these struggles herself she always had an innate desire to support artists going through the same struggles and this has led them to creating this platform.


Amita Goswami

If you ask her to introduce herself she’ll say “I am a Artist and that’s my one word identity.”

She is a Proprietor of a small company by profession, an Interior decorator by passion, Wife and a Mother of two kids by choice

For her, Art has become a true companion as it has allowed her to voice her feelings. She believes that humans are gifted with something special called “Mann” which means mind and soul. The “Mann” of every sensitive person sets itself on a roller coaster ride throughout the journey of life, with a mix of Emotions, Expressions, Delights, Disappointments, Hope and the list just goes on …

Art has no expectations and yet bestows complete freedom to share one’s feelings with honesty and purity. The strong urge to express her thoughts and feelings had introduced her to Art and for that she is ever grateful.