We bring ART within your Reach

Our Philosophy

Art Enhance is a bridge between You and Original Art.
“Come Delve Deeper Into the Art Cosmos With Us”

The Inception

Two artist friends unable to overlook the dire needs of some of their fellow artists, put their heads together and came up with the idea of creating a platform, a website to help this cause. This platform is the brain child of Nandini and Amita, we sincerely are trying our best to give a voice to our fellow Artists.

This platform is here for

  • Enhancing artist’s lifestyle and to support them so they can create wonders
  • Providing an environment where an artist can flourish
  • Enhancing people’s view and mindset on Art regardless of it’s medium.

Artist of the Month

Manik Kandar

Sunita Amin

Art Enhance is a platform which unites Artists with limited resources to Buyers who want to buy budget-friendly Original art.